A Few Business Items

  • Heartline Ministries has been working in Haiti for 20 years.
  • Heartline is a registered 501C3 in the state of Washington.
  • All donations are tax-deductible. Receipts will be mailed to each donor.
  • If you have questions about Heartline or about this particular program/project please feel free to contact us at: tl7inhaiti@yahoo.com or on internet phone line 612-355-7620
  • If you would like, you can make a note of which runner you're sponsoring on the Chip In meter or by sending an email.
  • If you prefer not to give on-line, checks with a note indicating it is for a runner can be sent to: Heartline Ministries
    PO Box 898
    Sunnyside, WA 98944
Thank you for your prayers for both the runners and the Haitian women they are running for, your support is invaluable to all of them.

The Heartline Team


Meet Heartline runner, Jon Miller

Jon Miller is a 38 year old husband, father to five, and a police officer. He resides in Pennsylvania.

He is also a new, self proclaimed "jogger". Jon started to run more consistently in January 2009, in an attempt to slowly build up to training for this January 2010 marathon. Jon says, "Sometimes I like to pretend in my mind that I'm an elite runner...like Ryan Hall or Marc Spencer. But my legs and lungs know that I'm a jogger."

This will be Jon's first marathon. He completed his first half-marathon this past September, along side his lovely wife (who he says could have beaten him...but she was nice and stayed with him, so they finished together).

Jon is running for one reason only, to support Heartline Ministries. The marathon training experience, so far, has been rewarding. Jon said, "It is a reminder to me how similar physical training and spiritual training are. I want to run this marathon. But it doesn't "just happen". It takes training, and effort, and sacrifice, and a whole lot of God's grace. And I want to grow spiritually; to know God more and to make him known to others. And that doesn't "just happen" either. It takes training, and effort, and sacrifice, and a whole lot of God's grace."

Jon's personal goals for Disney... (1) FINISH, (2) Raise as many dollars and cents as possible, (3) Enjoy the whole experience, and (4) Do it all in a God-honoring way.

Jon will be joined by his bride, Nydia for the full marathon and they will also cheer their children on for the many events their family will participate in over the race-weekend. Their son David is competing in the half marathon and their other four children are registered for either the 5K or the 1 mile races.

Please sponsor Jon Miller for his January 10, 2010 marathon. Your support means a lot to him and it also means a hand up to a beautiful Haitian woman.

Encouraging Words from the field ...

"This is a wonderful thing that you are doing! Most of the babies who come to me for help lost their mothers in childbirth. God is doing great things thru all who support this ministry. I'm sure He's cheering every runner! God bless!"

-Dorothy Pearce, Missionary to Haiti since 2004


Our Program is for Jenette

By Beth McHoul -
The call came right as we were finishing supper. A 38 year old woman, Jenette, was in labor. Her husband called saying they would meet us at the women's center. She was in early labor but she knew she couldn't get public transportation if she waited until late at night.

Jenette is a lovely, quiet woman who has faithfully attended our program. She has four other children.
Her cute, little husband left his large wife in our care and went home to watch after the other children. An intact family is not the norm here. After he called my cell phone three times (including 5:00 AM) we got the drift that we had an involved dad here. Nice to see.

Jenette labored like the pro she is. She was very in tune with her body and delivered a 7 pound boy while squatting. The power had gone out so we were depending on batteries which failed us at about 9:00 PM. We scurried around for candles and lap tops to provide light. Maybe at a home birth in the States candles would have been the perfect touch. I found it aggravating. Cut the cord - I can't see it! Fumbling around in the darkness made for an interesting birth but we made it through and by the time the city power came back on the baby had been born and was breast feeding. Mom, who has lived her whole life in blackouts never even mentioned the darkness.

Getting public transportation at night can be tricky. Last week Myrlande delivered her baby in the street trying to get to us. He was covered with dirt and mom arrived with baby out and placenta in. Jenette came early knowing that in Haiti late at night a machine can not be found.

These are the the times the ambulance vehicle will be used. Yes, it will be used to rush through traffic to speed a woman in distress to a hospital but it will also be used to pick up women in their neighborhoods. It will be used to drive mom and baby back home again. It will be used in the middle of the night when other vehicles are not on the road. It will provide safe transportation when nothing else is available. It will not be an idle machine.

This vehicle will be one more way to give women what they deserve. A safe birth. A ride home. A speedy ride to the hospital if it is necessary. This vehicle says these women matter and their lives are important. This vehicle says something can be better for them in a very hard life.
In January we will run for Jenette and many more just like her. Will you sponsor us?


The Heartline Team


Meet Heartline Runner, Paige Greiner

Paige Greiner is a runner, a daughter, a sister, a mother, and wife. She is 25 years old and lives in Littleton, Colorado.

Paige describes herself as a newer runner. She has been running for approximately 18 months.

Paige has completed two half marathons this year. She said, "After the first I finished and swore I would never run that far again. Then a few weeks later, when the pain went away and the sense of accomplishment had sunk in, I signed up for another and actually enjoyed it!"

For Paige running the full 26.2 just seemed to be the next natural step. Paige said, "It is almost like I couldn't be satisfied unless I at least gave it a try."

Paige is stay at home mom during the week and a CNA (Cert. Nurse. Aide) on weekends at a local hospital. She loves to cook and bake. Her latest baking endeavor has been attempting to create the perfect cinnamon roll. Lucky for Paige, she runs enough miles training to indulge herself and enjoy the fruits of her labor. When her schedule allows she also enjoys reading, describing herself as a bit of a book worm. Paige has been married to David for 6 years and they have a son, Kreed, who is three.

Paige will be running the January 10, 2010 marathon with her mother, Lisa Buxman, a missionary to Haiti, and her sister Jaeda Buxman. Together this awesome trio hope to raise a lot of money and awareness for the Heartline Women's Program.

Paige is looking forward to running across the finish line with her sister Jaeda.

Please sponsor Paige Greiner for her marathon and in turn help a Haitian woman with your sponsorship.


Our Program is for Malange

As mentioned in a previous post, the women we serve are strong and resilient and have overcome many challenges.

One such young woman is Malange.Malange came to us early in her pregnancy. Due to her history she was fast-tracked to the top of the wait list.

At 16 Malange lost a baby to pre-eclampsia. During that pregnancy she received no prenatal care. She never fully understood exactly why her baby died. Sadly, it is not uncommon for medical situations to go completely unaddressed. Often times when a Doctor is involved the patient is not respected enough for the information to be passed along. Over and over again we've had women tell us that the Doctor did not tell her what he did or what was wrong.

Malange came to the Women's Center at 4am on October 13th. She was in labor and looking for help. She has been faithful to the program for months and was healthy enough to deliver her baby with the Heartline midwives in attendance.

Malange labored most of the morning. During her labor she was in a clean, quiet room. She was checked on repeatedly. There was a doula there to speak in her native language and tell her what was going on with her labor. She was fed and cared for, loved and respected.Malange delivered a healthy baby boy late morning. She spent the afternoon recovering and resting. She was offered encouragement and assistance with nursing her new baby boy. Around 5pm her family came to pick her and her son up and bring them home.

This week Tuesday Malange came with her son for a follow up appointment. The midwives checked Malange and her son and offered continued support and encouragement. Malange will now enter the Early Childhood Development program. Each Tuesday for a year she will be surrounded by women who love her and desire to see her succeed. She will be given tools and teaching that will help her be the best mom she can be.

In January we will run for Malange and many more just like her.

Please check back on Monday to meet the next runner. Consider sponsoring a runner. Your sponsorship means the world to women like Malange.

The Heartline Team

We will be introducing TWO runners and TWO Heartline Women each week. Keep checking back and feel free to ask questions in the comments section.


Meet Heartline Runner, Beth McHoul

Beth McHoul is a runner, a wife, a mother of two and a grandmother of three. Beth, originally from Boston, moved to Haiti 20 years ago.

During her many years working and raising her family in Port au Prince she has experienced both great joy and deep sorrow. Through both good and bad times Beth and her husband John kept pressing on and trusting God with their work in Haiti and their lives.

For Beth running has been an escape, a way to spend time alone with God and begin her day with Him. Beth began running on the hills of Delmas when she was forty. Beth has been running for about 14 years and has no plans to stop.

The 2010 Disney Marathon will be Beth's 7th marathon. In years past she has completed the following marathons:
Disney ~ Boston ~ Dublin ~ LA ~ Miami ~ Boston

Beth says, "Running keeps me healthy, centered and sane in a very busy and unpredictable life and is a daily time of reflection and prayer."

For those of us working along side Beth in Haiti, she has inspired us to have the courage to face the more difficult running conditions. Beth is the ultimate cheerleader and encourager and her perseverance in her work in Haiti and in running is an inspiration to us all.

Please sponsor Beth McHoul for her January 10, 2010 marathon.

Check back Friday for a story on one of the women the Prenatal program serves. Also, be sure to check back next Wednesday to meet another Heartline runner.

If you choose to sponsor a runner, you can note which runner you are sponsoring in the "instructions" line of the PayPal form. You might also consider writing to your runner and letting them know you've made a choice to support them and the cause of Haitian women.


Twelve Week Countdown

All of the runners involved in this project are currently doing the hard work of training. Race weekend is just 12 weeks from now and proper training is key to completing the task on race-day.

Please consider donating $25, $50, $100 or more to sponsor a runner or two. Together we hope to finish the race - and with your support - we hope that 100% of the money needed will be raised by the time we cross the finish line on January 10, 2010.

We will be spotlighting Haitian women in the program each week. We will also spotlight one runner each week. Check here each Wednesday to read about a runner and each Friday to read about one of the Haitian ladies in our pre-natal program.

Tell your friends about this site, ask them to sponsor a runner, ask them to pray about how they might get involved. If you have Facebook or a blog please ask people to visit www.heartlinerunners.blogspot.com


The Heartline Team


Our Specific Goal

Each week the Heartline Pre-natal program sees twenty pregnant women. They come from the surrounding area and are anxious to join our program. Most of them have never received pre-natal care. Our program has been consistently full for two years with a wait list of twenty women desiring to get into the program.

In the USA or other developed countries each of these woman's pregnancies would be considered "high risk". We are seeing and working with ladies that are malnourished, anemic, and suffering from diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis.

These situations mean that we need to work with them and monitor their pregnancies very closely. We check their vitals and offer them vitamins and pre-natal/health education each Thursday. On a rotating schedule and when extra attention is needed they are seen in the exam room for a full pre-natal check at least once a month. At the end of their pregnancy we see them in the clinic room weekly.

When it comes time to deliver their babies the women can come to the Women's Center to have their baby delivered under the care of a Certified Professional Midwife. Most women in Haiti will deliver at home without the help of a medical professional. Often times women will attempt to get into a hospital to deliver, only to find out that the hospital is full or to learn that the expense is too great. Over and over again we've seen horrible outcomes for women who could not get help when they were in labor and needed immediate medical attention. Haitian women have very few choices.

This is where we come in ... Heartline offers the women in our program a safe, clean, peaceful and loving place to experience labor and delivery with trained Midwives to assist the ladies throughout their labor and delivery. There is no cost to the woman. We are here to serve them.

The difficult reality is that because these pregnancies are high risk, often times women will need to be transported to a hospital in order to receive emergency-level care.

The chief goal is to deliver a healthy baby to a healthy mom. When that becomes impossible we will be transporting our women to a local hospital. We are responsible to help them get the care they need and will get them to the hospital and act as advocates for them until they are checked in and being cared for by hospital staff.

The money being raised by the multiple men and women running the Marathon for The Heartline Women's Program will be used to purchase a make-shift ambulance. It will not be a traditional Western ambulance, but instead will be a sturdy utility vehicle that will be transformed into an ambulance and outfitted with necessary medical equipment. Our goal is to purchase a Land Cruiser similar to the one pictured below.
This vehicle will be used to save lives and to offer Haitian women better options for delivering their babies into the world safely. We want to be prepared to offer them the level of care they need and deserve. As you consider sponsoring your favorite runner please keep in mind that your dollars will be used to bless Haitian women and to save lives.

Thank you so much for caring.(Praying with Gina after her prenatal check-up.)
With Thanks,
The Heartline Team


The Heartline Women's Program

Heartline Ministries has been working in Haiti for twenty years. In recent years a program for women has been started and has grown quickly. The program teaches literacy, sewing, pre-natal classes and early childhood development classes. Over 90 women are currently being served in our various programs.

During the coming weeks we will share stories about these ladies. We want all of you who choose to sponsor a runner in the Disney marathons to see and know where your dollars are going. The money you pledge will be used to help the beautiful and hardworking women of Haiti.

Please consider sponsoring one of the runners today!