Meet Heartline Runner, Paige Greiner

Paige Greiner is a runner, a daughter, a sister, a mother, and wife. She is 25 years old and lives in Littleton, Colorado.

Paige describes herself as a newer runner. She has been running for approximately 18 months.

Paige has completed two half marathons this year. She said, "After the first I finished and swore I would never run that far again. Then a few weeks later, when the pain went away and the sense of accomplishment had sunk in, I signed up for another and actually enjoyed it!"

For Paige running the full 26.2 just seemed to be the next natural step. Paige said, "It is almost like I couldn't be satisfied unless I at least gave it a try."

Paige is stay at home mom during the week and a CNA (Cert. Nurse. Aide) on weekends at a local hospital. She loves to cook and bake. Her latest baking endeavor has been attempting to create the perfect cinnamon roll. Lucky for Paige, she runs enough miles training to indulge herself and enjoy the fruits of her labor. When her schedule allows she also enjoys reading, describing herself as a bit of a book worm. Paige has been married to David for 6 years and they have a son, Kreed, who is three.

Paige will be running the January 10, 2010 marathon with her mother, Lisa Buxman, a missionary to Haiti, and her sister Jaeda Buxman. Together this awesome trio hope to raise a lot of money and awareness for the Heartline Women's Program.

Paige is looking forward to running across the finish line with her sister Jaeda.

Please sponsor Paige Greiner for her marathon and in turn help a Haitian woman with your sponsorship.