Our Program is for Jenette

By Beth McHoul -
The call came right as we were finishing supper. A 38 year old woman, Jenette, was in labor. Her husband called saying they would meet us at the women's center. She was in early labor but she knew she couldn't get public transportation if she waited until late at night.

Jenette is a lovely, quiet woman who has faithfully attended our program. She has four other children.
Her cute, little husband left his large wife in our care and went home to watch after the other children. An intact family is not the norm here. After he called my cell phone three times (including 5:00 AM) we got the drift that we had an involved dad here. Nice to see.

Jenette labored like the pro she is. She was very in tune with her body and delivered a 7 pound boy while squatting. The power had gone out so we were depending on batteries which failed us at about 9:00 PM. We scurried around for candles and lap tops to provide light. Maybe at a home birth in the States candles would have been the perfect touch. I found it aggravating. Cut the cord - I can't see it! Fumbling around in the darkness made for an interesting birth but we made it through and by the time the city power came back on the baby had been born and was breast feeding. Mom, who has lived her whole life in blackouts never even mentioned the darkness.

Getting public transportation at night can be tricky. Last week Myrlande delivered her baby in the street trying to get to us. He was covered with dirt and mom arrived with baby out and placenta in. Jenette came early knowing that in Haiti late at night a machine can not be found.

These are the the times the ambulance vehicle will be used. Yes, it will be used to rush through traffic to speed a woman in distress to a hospital but it will also be used to pick up women in their neighborhoods. It will be used to drive mom and baby back home again. It will be used in the middle of the night when other vehicles are not on the road. It will provide safe transportation when nothing else is available. It will not be an idle machine.

This vehicle will be one more way to give women what they deserve. A safe birth. A ride home. A speedy ride to the hospital if it is necessary. This vehicle says these women matter and their lives are important. This vehicle says something can be better for them in a very hard life.
In January we will run for Jenette and many more just like her. Will you sponsor us?


The Heartline Team


  1. this is incredible!! ill be praying for this... is the race in CA or FL?

  2. The race is in Orlando. There are five of us coming from Haiti to run and then meeting up with ten from all over the USA.