Our Program is for Malange

As mentioned in a previous post, the women we serve are strong and resilient and have overcome many challenges.

One such young woman is Malange.Malange came to us early in her pregnancy. Due to her history she was fast-tracked to the top of the wait list.

At 16 Malange lost a baby to pre-eclampsia. During that pregnancy she received no prenatal care. She never fully understood exactly why her baby died. Sadly, it is not uncommon for medical situations to go completely unaddressed. Often times when a Doctor is involved the patient is not respected enough for the information to be passed along. Over and over again we've had women tell us that the Doctor did not tell her what he did or what was wrong.

Malange came to the Women's Center at 4am on October 13th. She was in labor and looking for help. She has been faithful to the program for months and was healthy enough to deliver her baby with the Heartline midwives in attendance.

Malange labored most of the morning. During her labor she was in a clean, quiet room. She was checked on repeatedly. There was a doula there to speak in her native language and tell her what was going on with her labor. She was fed and cared for, loved and respected.Malange delivered a healthy baby boy late morning. She spent the afternoon recovering and resting. She was offered encouragement and assistance with nursing her new baby boy. Around 5pm her family came to pick her and her son up and bring them home.

This week Tuesday Malange came with her son for a follow up appointment. The midwives checked Malange and her son and offered continued support and encouragement. Malange will now enter the Early Childhood Development program. Each Tuesday for a year she will be surrounded by women who love her and desire to see her succeed. She will be given tools and teaching that will help her be the best mom she can be.

In January we will run for Malange and many more just like her.

Please check back on Monday to meet the next runner. Consider sponsoring a runner. Your sponsorship means the world to women like Malange.

The Heartline Team

We will be introducing TWO runners and TWO Heartline Women each week. Keep checking back and feel free to ask questions in the comments section.

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