Meet Heartline runner, Jon Miller

Jon Miller is a 38 year old husband, father to five, and a police officer. He resides in Pennsylvania.

He is also a new, self proclaimed "jogger". Jon started to run more consistently in January 2009, in an attempt to slowly build up to training for this January 2010 marathon. Jon says, "Sometimes I like to pretend in my mind that I'm an elite runner...like Ryan Hall or Marc Spencer. But my legs and lungs know that I'm a jogger."

This will be Jon's first marathon. He completed his first half-marathon this past September, along side his lovely wife (who he says could have beaten him...but she was nice and stayed with him, so they finished together).

Jon is running for one reason only, to support Heartline Ministries. The marathon training experience, so far, has been rewarding. Jon said, "It is a reminder to me how similar physical training and spiritual training are. I want to run this marathon. But it doesn't "just happen". It takes training, and effort, and sacrifice, and a whole lot of God's grace. And I want to grow spiritually; to know God more and to make him known to others. And that doesn't "just happen" either. It takes training, and effort, and sacrifice, and a whole lot of God's grace."

Jon's personal goals for Disney... (1) FINISH, (2) Raise as many dollars and cents as possible, (3) Enjoy the whole experience, and (4) Do it all in a God-honoring way.

Jon will be joined by his bride, Nydia for the full marathon and they will also cheer their children on for the many events their family will participate in over the race-weekend. Their son David is competing in the half marathon and their other four children are registered for either the 5K or the 1 mile races.

Please sponsor Jon Miller for his January 10, 2010 marathon. Your support means a lot to him and it also means a hand up to a beautiful Haitian woman.


  1. Hey I am putting some money to sponsor Jon right now.
    Thanks Jon. Go dude Go

  2. Go Jon! :-) We'll be sponsoring you!

  3. I just sponsored Jon Miller. Cuz he sounds like one cool dude. xoxo

  4. Go Jon and the Miller Family
    Gordon and I will be sponsoring you and praying for you. Put your one foot in front of the other for the women and for the love and grace of our Lord and Savior. We will be pulling for you!!:):):)

  5. Hurray for the Miller family! We are so thankful for your love and support ... see you in two months!