Update on Matching $

We have $8,201 more to raise to receive a generous donation of 10K, made by a 22 year old college graduate in Texas.

36: Amount of chip in donations since the $10k matching challenge over 4 days
333: Average needed per day over the 30 day challenge.
449.67: Average received
1798.67: Amount received since the 10k challenge was made

If you have questions about our ministry or programs please leave a comment or email:

bethmchoul@yahoo.com or tl7inhaiti@yahoo.com

We are looking forward to another great week with the ladies in our program. Tuesday we will work with approximately 35 ladies with babies 12 months and younger. Each and every one of these ladies came through our prenatal program in the last year and they are now working hard to care for their baby and make wise choices. The ladies are being given encouragement, acceptance, teaching and love - all things that are hard to come by in their culture.

Check back on Tuesday evening to meet one of the young mothers in our Tuesday Early Childhood Development Program.

Please consider chipping in!

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