Meet Heartline Runners, Nydia & David Miller

Nydia Miller is a wife, a mother and a runner. She is 43 years old and resides in Pennsylvania. Her husband Jon was introduced earlier, in this post.

Nydia has been running for many years but joined a running group seven years ago. She has run one half marathon in September 2009. This will be her first full marathon. Nydia said, "The reason I decided to run the marathon is to expose more people to the amazing work that Heartline Ministries does in Haiti."

Nydia and Jon have 5 children; two Haitian born children that joined their family through the blessing of adoption. Nydia is a full time student studying Elementary Education and a work at home mom. She says that with distance running, school, and raising five children - the only other hobby she has time for is "Watching our children enjoy life. That "fills me up" like nothing else".

Regarding her personal goals for the marathon, Nydia says, "My goal is to cross the finish line with my wonderful husband Jon by my side. It is going to be a blessing knowing that every mile we complete is to help the women and children in the Women's Program. How much more encouragement could we ask for?"

Jon and Nydia's son David is running the Disney Half Marathon on Saturday, January 9, 2009.

David is 15 years old. He decided to run the half because he knew that he and his parents were doing it to benefit Haiti.

David is newer runner. This will be his first half marathon.

David is a sophomore in high school. He enjoys playing basketball and is also very involved in his church and youth group. He said he likes going to the local Good Will store and shopping for crazy tee shirts.

David is anxious to raise money and awareness for Heartline Ministries and the women of Haiti and to travel to Florida with his family to compete together and cheer one another on. David would like to finish his half marathon around 2 hours, give or take a few minutes.

Please consider sponsoring one of the Millers running for Haiti this January.

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