Meet Heartline Runner, Kristen Howerton

Kristen Howerton is 34 and lives in Orange County, California.

When asked to tell us a little about herself, Kristen wrote, "I am married and I have three kids: Jafta (4), India (3), and Karis (6 months). I spend most of my days chasing them around. We are in the process of adopting #4 (a son) from Heartline. I am an adjunct professor of psychology at Vanguard University, and on extended maternity leave from my job as a marriage and family therapist. When my kids are sleeping I waste a lot of time blogging. I am also a big fan of musical theater."

Kristen considers herself a new runner. This will be her first half marathon. She said, "I am a new runner, or not really even a runner at all. I'm hoping to pull this thing off with a mix of walking and jogging. So I guess I'm a wogger. I've been wogging for about six months. Prior to that I was pregnant. At that point, I was a waddler. So I guess wogging is an improvement."

Kristen decided to run the half marathon because the 5k was full and she really wanted to help raise money for Heartline's Prenatal Program. Kristen said, "I am a big fan of the work Heartline is doing and more than anything I want to support them."

When asked about her personal goals for the half marathon, Kristen replied, "To stay upright."

Please sponsor Kristen Howerton for her 13.1 mile race in January, she need your support!

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