Our Program is for Nicole

Nicole is in our program for the second time. We love her, but she is work. Although she is in her early twenties she is more like a teenager. She is always needing attention and finding new ways to get it from us. If she doesn't have an ailment she'll think of one. She reminds us to pray for her in case we forgot.While everyone else sits nicely in their chair Nicole lies on the floor during class. Her drama keeps us rolling our eyes and laughing. We do love her and are disappointed that she cannot deliver with us due to a previous c/section with complications. She is more than disappointed. She asked us over and over again to change our minds.

Nicole agrees wholeheartedly with us on the benefits of breastfeeding and brags that her little guy is smarter because of it. Since she is second time around in the program she knows the score.

Nicole was not happy when she got pregnant for the second time and begs us to pray for her husband to get a job. She and her little family live on the edge. They are in an intact family, the husband clearly cares for his family but has no work and little hope of finding one. Nicole took the entrance exam for our sewing program but failed.

Pray for Nicole as she is in the hospital for her second c/section today. We will celebrate with her when she returns with her new baby. A baby born into a family with so little. A baby whose mom is almost a baby herself. But, our program is for Nicole, our program provides her some love and attention. When Nicole comes with her baby in a few days we will do a newborn exam, offer support and encouragement and send her home with a gift bag of baby goodies. But not until we pray for her and her family.

Please help us reach the goal and chip in ... for Nicole and others like her.

BY Beth McHoul

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  1. You ladies do amazing work there. I am friends with Tara and she knows our adoption story but we adopted twin girls from Haiti in 2003 and there is not one hour in one day that goes by that I do not think of Haiti and Tara and the work you all are doing. I can't even put into words what my heart is saying but please know, I pray for all of you and thanks for all you do for HIM...YOU are all true servants of God!