Meet Heartline Runner, Tara Livesay

The Disney Marathon is the second marathon in just a few months for Tara. It will be her fourth total. She ran the Twin Cities Marathon in October raising money for Medika Mamba, a high protein food for malnourished kids in Haiti.

Tara went from training for one marathon to training for another without skipping a beat. She is energetic, takes care of 7 children, works in the Heartline Women's Program and works for World Wide Village. Tara is known for her open and honest blog about the Christian experience and life in Haiti.

Tara is passionate about life and the women and children of Haiti. She and her husband Troy have 3 Haitian adopted children, 4 bio-children and are taking care of their Haitian niece until she goes to her home to her adoptive family in MN. Busy does not begin to describe her day-to-day life.

Tara trains on the roads of Port-au-Prince. She is a committed runner who runs under extreme circumstances. Not even malaria kept her from training. Tara cares about the women we serve in Haiti and wants the best for them. Like many of them, Tara was a teen mom who relates to these women and wants better for them.

Running a marathon is one way we can serve the women of Haiti. Help us help them! Please sponsor Tara Livesay today!

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