Meet Heartline Runner, Kim Rhodes

When asked about herself Kim wrote:

"I'm 33, From Greenville, SC. I have been married for 12 years to my husband Dave. I am a mother to Emma who is 7 and Izzie who is 3 and Frankie who is 2. We (with other people) run a ministry called- www.wayfarer.tv

The reasons I am running this: In high school I took a trip to Haiti that changed my life. I've always wanted to return. In May of 2008 I returned with a team and met Troy and Tara Livesay who then introduced our family to Heartline and to Maranatha Childrens home. We are now adopting our son Frankie from Heartline.

I'm just a normal mom who's heart beats for our local ministry here in Greenville, for Haiti, for adoption. This is just one way I can help support some fabulous people in Haiti who are doing amazing Kingdom work and having impact. So often I feel like "what can I do to help?" and well, sometimes you just get hit in the face and realize there are so many things you can do. This is one of them. And in the process this allows me to be part of something bigger than myself."

Kim ran the 200 and 400 m dash in high school but had never been a distance runner. This last January a friend asked her to train for and attempt a half marathon. Kim agreed because she just finished having children and had not gotten her heart rate up in over 10 years. She wanted to do it for herself. Kim said, "Training for it was hard but we did it and in April I completed my first ever Half Marathon. I never thought I could run that far." Kim went on to say, "After that one another friend asked if I would train and run one with her. In a lapse of insanity and forgetfulness I agreed. This time I wanted to do it for SOMEONE ELSE I really struggled training for this one. A few times I did not think I would live up to my commitment to her. I'm so not a natural runner and it's hard for me to train. But in the end we did it. Never thought I would do one half marathon let alone 2 in one year."

Kim said she had all but retired her running shoes when she heard that a bunch of folks were running for Haitian women and Heartline Ministries. Kim said, "This time I am running for a PURPOSE. So I will humbly join the current list of marathoners and attempt one last push for a half marathon. To help raise money for a VERY GOOD cause and bring awareness to a ministry that is changing the lives of woman in Haiti. Now that is something to run for."

Kim hopes to run a strong half marathon and beat her personal-best time and then be the biggest fan cheering on all those running the full marathon.

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