Meet Heartline Runner, Jaeda Buxman

An interview with Jaeda Buxman

What is your age, your hometown, the reason you've decided to run this marathon?

I’m 23 - currently living in Gilbert Arizona. Good question, I can’t remember why I decided to run this marathon (*sarcasm* as I ice my cramping calves). I think it was back in January '09 after watching my mom, sister, Tara, and Beth run a half marathon and feeling like I wanted to accomplish something like that. I love Disneyworld so when my mom asked me if I was interested in helping with a group fundraising project I hastily agreed. I am excited to accomplish a goal and who knows what is next after 26.2, ultra marathons anyone?!

How many other half or full marathons have your run prior to this one? New or experienced runner?

I have completed one half marathon, I did that in August. I am definitely a new runner.

What do you do for a living, what are your hobbies besides running, are you married or single? Tell us anything interesting or unique about you.

I work Nevada bodily injury auto accident claims for State Farm Insurance, so helping people get the vehicle repairs and then assist in the settlement of their injury claims. Besides working and running, I am also in school full time to finish up my BS in Business Communication. I love to read when I have time and I kinda am obsessed with Harry Potter. Oh ya, single and ready to mingle. Kidding. Well I am single but no mingling please.

Any personal goals for the marathon come January?

Besides survival? I am attempting to finish under 5 hours with my sister Paige and have as much fun as we did while running a half marathon in August.

Jaeda would love if all of her relatives, friends, and co-workers would sponsor her for the January 2010 race - and help the Heartline Team of runners reach their goal. Please sponsor Jaeda Buxman today!

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