Meet Heartline Runner, Corey Waters

Corey Waters is 37, she grew up in rural NH, She and her family recently moved to VA. She is a wife, a mother of 6, and a runner.

When asked why she is running this January, Corey said, "In July 2008, Jennifer Jablunosky, a Heartline adoptive parent, said to me, "So, a bunch of us are running the Disney Marathon in January 2010, and we want you to run it with us. What do you think?"

"And I thought, I can't do that! That was 40 lbs and 5 kids and 10 years ago and I have not run in YEARS and that sounds so AWESOME and perfectly self-indulgent and challenging and JUST what I need and...") "Yes," I said, "That would be awesome."

When Corey learned that the marathon would benefit Haitian women she was even more anxious to get involved. Corey cares deeply for Haiti and desires to raise money and awareness about the needs of the women of Haiti.

Corey has completed two marathons, both ten years ago. The first one was in Wisconsin. Shortly after that she ran the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati. She ran that one to prove the first one wasn't a fluke. Corey said, "Then I sat down on the couch for ten years."

If Corey is not running, taking care of her large crew of kids, or blogging, she is sleeping. ("There are only so many hours in a day", Waters added.)

Corey says, "My personal goal for the Disney Marathon is to finish it. Preferably on the same day I start it, but I'm not overly particular. I would love to get Ben & Jerry to sponsor me. I would wear their name across my butt, since they are personally responsible for the size of it."

Please consider sponsoring Corey Waters for her January 10, 2010 marathon. She is not only running for herself, she is running for the women of Haiti. She needs your support.