Meet Heartline Runner, Erin Lancer

Erin Lancer is a wife, mother, teacher and runner. She resides in Buffalo, NY.

Erin has have been married to her husband, Michael, for 17 years. He is extremely supportive of her running. He helps her plan long runs,
calls to check up on her and brings drinks and snacks. The Lancers have two biological children, a son, 15 and a daughter who is 12. They anxiously await the arrival of their three year old son from Haiti.

Erin teaches music at the elementary school level and loves her work. When asked about her interest in Haiti Erin shared, "Not too long ago two students changed my life. I had two boys enter my school mid-year and into my 1st grade music class. They had just been adopted from Haiti. I fell in love with those boys and it started us down a path to adopting our little boy. Up until that point, I had never considered adoption. It has been a long road, but I am truly looking forward to being a mom again."

This will be Erin's 4th full marathon. Erin still considers herself to be a newbie runner. She started running seriously back in 2005.

Erin said:

"I had thought about running the Disney Marathon before, but it wasn't at the top of my list. Sometime this winter I caught wind of the fact that a group of moms adopting from Haiti were planning to run Disney. It sounded like an opportunity that I did not want to miss. Waiting
for our adoption to come through has been a very difficult time. Running helps me stay sane as I am waiting for our son to come home."

Recently Erin wrote and said : "I've been thinking about what we're running for. One thing that I keep thinking about ... As an American living in the US I am constantly thinking about all that we have here. I take so much for granted. Before traveling to Haiti I would never have thought about not having the help when I need it. I had two healthy childbirth experiences and treasure them. They were amazing experiences. I am so proud to be working with Heartline to be raising money for something as basic as emergency transportation. These women will not have the same birthing experience that we are fortunate to have here in the US. However, the ladies in the program with Heartline will have caring, compassionate women around them. If they run into complications it is the RIGHT THING for them to have reliable transportation to a hospital. I am glad to be able to help raise money for Heartline. I hope that people will continue to be generous. It is such a worthy organization and has the most caring people working for the women and children of Haiti."

Erin does not have any personal goals for the marathon. She simply hopes to run
strong and have fun!

Erin and the entire Heartline Team need you! Will you sponsor Erin Lancer for her January 2010 Marathon and help the women of Haiti?