Introducing Team: Amy and Heather

We, Amy and Heather, are running the Topeka to Auburn half marathon January 15, 2010 to raise money for the Heartline Teen Mother's Home. We hope you'll support us and help this effort be a success!

Click here to see this post to learn more about the young women the Teen Mom's home is serving. Read through the posts on this blog to read more about the lives of women in Haiti.

The official website for the half marathon reads:
'The first eight miles of the course are on paved asphalt streets and roads; the next four miles are on country roads and the last mile plus is back on asphalt. The course start is at an elevation of 1013 feet and the finish is at 1084 feet, but with continuous ups and downs throughout most of the route the elevation difference seems greater...If the course is not daunting enough, the conditions the day of the race may be. The unpredictability of Kansas’s weather is a certainty, even during the middle of winter. With the course traversing mainly north to south and with a predominately north or northwesterly wind, there is usually a tail or side wind...Paved roads are generally manageable, but the country roads can often become a sloppy mess or may be mostly ice covered.'

And can you believe we are both SO excited for this!

We encourage you to share this - link to this on facebook - or email it to friends and family with personal words of encouragement to pray for the run and/or sponsor us (per mile or a set amount). A half marathon is a little over 13 miles. Knowing that the few girls at the home now are a pilot project for bigger and better things, think of what you could help instigate with just a few moments of your time.

Heartline is an amazing ministry. When the earthquake hit last January, my missionary friends who had lived for years in Haiti were quick to recommend Heartline as a trustworthy ministry.

The Chip-In widget will insure that your sponsorship goes directly to their organization- it is on the right side of this blog and is noted as Amy and Heather's Chip-in. Heartline Ministries will receipt you for your gift. This organization is one that pours all resources back into the Haitian people, economy and infrastructure."

Please sponsor us today!

Amy & Heather