To the Runners

Here we are runners, just a few days from the race. You did it! Your training is done, you're tapering down and you've gone beyond what you thought possible! Some of you are first time marathoners. When you cross that finish line you will be part of an elite group of people who have run 26.2 miles. Very few people can run a marathon or a half marathon but you can! Most amazing to me is that you are doing it for someone else. Women who are poor, powerless, and don't have a voice. You are running so that they are guaranteed a safer birth, a ride to the hospital if necessary, a ride to and from home.

There are no words enough to thank you. You are making all this possible. People have supported you, given money and are cheering you on to the finish line. Crossing the finish line at a marathon is a life changing event! You will be stiff, sore and beyond happy!

Thank you for reaching out to your communities, friends, churches and family to support us. As I look over the list of supporters I marvel at how many names I do not recognize. That's because so many of us reached into our communities and got support from other folks. Folks we don't know who are now a part of our success in Haiti! I am amazed!

Thank you for running and making this real! Our women would thank you but most of them don't even realize what a marathon is. They are running one of their own daily just trying to survive and get through the day. For the women of our program - their lives just got a little easier! We owe you a huge thank you!!

Run well!

Beth McHoul