We have 18 days left to meet the generous match offer made by college graduate from Texas. Thank you so much for giving! We have $3,508 left to raise to receive her 10K match. PLEASE share this with your Sunday School class, your Bible study, your friends and co-workers. We are anxious to help our anonymous friend in Texas be able to give her match. What a blessing!

Please be praying for the ladies in our program. We have one young mom with HIV that is due in the coming week, prayers for a safe delivery of a healthy baby are appreciated. We have another mom that is too high risk and probably needs a C-section, she is especially "needy" and not very happy about the c-section. We also have a mom of 4 who had a blood pressure of 172/128 last week - and is only 32 weeks along. She was told to go straight to a hospital after she left us. Someday soon we hope and pray we can give them a ride when we send them for emergency care.

To pray for them by name: Fenise - Nicole - RoseMarie

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