Training and Matching Funds

We are 60 days from race-weekend. The runners are plugging along with their training. Some train in 88 degree heat and humidity and others train in cool air that causes their sweat to turn into icicles. The miles each week are steadily increasing. We're all training. We're all preparing.

We are so grateful to report that $4,086 has already come in. We are thankful for each gift.

Right now we need to get serious about raising these funds. We are hoping you'll ask your friends and relatives to check the ministry out and consider a gift this holiday season.

The cause is incredibly important and the women the program serves will benefit greatly.

A match
of $250 has been offered . If $250 comes in by the end of the day Sunday (11.8.09 @ 11:59pm) - the donor will chip-in his $250.

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