Pictured above is the most common mode of transportation in Haiti. These trucks run all over the city and countryside and are called - kamyonnet or tap-taps. The system works well - if you're not in a hurry. When a woman is in labor she needs to flag down one of these trucks and hope that she gets to her destination in time. If you are looking for a ride after a certain time of day it may be impossible to find one. The truck stops very frequently and the time it takes to get from point A to point B can vary greatly. Can you imagine being in pain and riding in this for an hour or more?

We are very pleased to share that the 10K matching grant from the anonymous college graduate has been received. Thank you to each of you that have given and helped us get to this point. The meter does not reflect $11,200 in donations. We will update the totals soon and let you know where things stand. We have not yet reached the 60K necessary to move forward and purchase the ambulance vehicle. We have a month left to raise the funds before the group of 15 runs the races in Florida. Please consider helping us by sponsoring a runner. Please pass this on to your friends and family who might be looking to give a charitable donation (to a GREAT cause) at the end of the year.


This story is not uncommon in Haiti, we thought you might like to read about life in Haiti from the perspective of another ministry doing work here. We hope our efforts and our birthing center will reduce situations like the one described in this story.

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